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  New Content
Recent additions and major revisions to CMBO are listed on this page. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions! Perspective: Biomaterials - The Technology of the Future
Biozone(Biozone International) provides an outstanding link collection that covers all areas of biology -- including cell biology, genetics, health and disease, animal biology, ecology adn space biology.
Genomes to Life - Accelerating Biological Discovery (US Dept. of Energy) is a proposal for research programs to uncover the molecular mechanisms of human and microbial cells. The GTL Roadmap provides a good introduction to general gemonics and proteomics concepts and has nice images.
Perspective -- a new CMBO essay section!
Online Career Resources for Bioscientists
Updating and revision of the CMBO Career Resources and CMBO Job Listings sections.
The HotBot Directory: Biology Associations has a well-organized, comprehensive list of professional societies in all areas of biology. In Professional Societies.
Sciencejobs.com provides a sophisticated search interface for positions listed in Cell, BioMedNet and New Scientist within the past 60 days. The site features a free email alert service. In Career Resources and Job Listings.
Perspective -- a new CMBO essay section!
Genes on the Web: A Report from the Internet & Society 2000 Conference

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