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  Online Courses and Textbooks
This section highlights outstanding online courses. The section also includes some wonderful textbooks that have been developed for online use. Please note that the classic textbooks used to teach cell biology (for example, Molecular Biology of the Cell) are not available online.
Cell Biology Topics (Gwen Childs, University of Texas Medical Branch) provides basic explanations of cellular structures and functions and includes nice images from textbooks.
Dictionaries and Glossaries for cell and molecular biology terms.
ESP - Electronic Scholarly Publishing offers full-text access to papers and books from the early days of classical genetics, along with a fun timeline, Genetics in Context, which compares genetic discoveries with historical events.
Institute for Molecular Virology (UW Madison) includes a section with information on developing a virology course and online course notes and tutorials.
The MIT Biology Hypertextbook is an extensive, searchable online textbook for the introductory biology course at MIT. The hypertext includes most topic areas in cell and molecular biology and has great pictures and diagrams.
The Molecules of Life (University of Oxford, UK) introduces the techniques used to examine protein structure and discusses DNA, proteins and protein folding.
Online Biology Book (Dr. Michael J. Farabee, Estrella Mountain Community College) is an excellent collection of lectures from a freshman-level biology course. The notes are fully hyperlinked and contain many images from the Internet.
Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the World (HHMI) is an animated exploration of the senses that incorporates recent scientific findings.
Virtual Courses on the Web (Mark Dalton, SGI/Cray Research) is a general resource with listings of tutorials on the Web. Topic areas include general biology, genetics and cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry, chemistry and medicine.
The WWW Cell Biology Course (Mark Dalton, SGI/Cray Research) is a great introduction to cell biology with extensive coverage of all topics, including the structure and function of cellular organelles, cell division and gene expression.

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