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  Educational Resources
These sites are gateways to useful online resources for instructors, students and people looking for general biology information. I have also included some outstanding informational sites in particular topic areas that are geared for students. I will be adding more sites to this list as I sort through user's suggestions.
General Resources
Access Excellence (Genentech) is a cutting-edge educational resource providing research news, activities, online seminars and especially nice information about biotechnology.
Beyond Bio 101: The Transformation of Undergraduate Biology Education (HHMI) focuses on the experiences of college students and instructors in biology, including discussions of standardized tests, lab experiences and the lives of professors.
BioChemNet (Dyann Schmidel) focuses on biology and chemistry resouces on the Web and features quick links to weekly bioscience news highlights, along with a nice educational link collection.
Biozone(Biozone International) provides an outstanding link collection that covers all areas of biology -- including cell biology, genetics, health and disease, animal biology, ecology adn space biology.
Bugs in the News! (Jack Brown, University of Kansas) is a fun site featuring a series of essays (What the Heck Is...?) on viruses, bacteria, diseases and basic biological processes.
Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway is a nice link collection to educational resources in all the sciences; the site includes a summary of Ask-an-Expert sites on the Internet.
Discover Magazine explores current topics in general science and biology; the online version provides access to articles and features.
Genomes to Life - Accelerating Biological Discovery (US Dept. of Energy) is a proposal for research programs to uncover the molecular mechanisms of human and microbial cells. The GTL Roadmap provides a good introduction to general gemonics and proteomics concepts and has nice images.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute is an innovator of outstanding multimedia educational resources on the Web. Online resources in the Holiday Lectures section include:
     Infectious Disease Webcast
     Human Genetics Webcast
     The Virtual Cardiology Lab
     The Virtual Neurophysiology Lab
     Becoming A Scientist
     Ask a Scientist, with weekly questions posted and archived.
Ken's Bio-Web Reference is an extensive biology link collection that is organized around specific topic areas. This is a great place to find information on specific cellular processes and to locate biological images.
The MAD Scientist Network (Washington University Medical School) includes the the MADSci Library's extensive link collection and the popular Ask-A-Scientist feature and archives.
Neuroscience for Kids (Dr. Eric H. Chudler, University of Washington) is an excellent resource that provides information to explore the nervous system, plus resources for experiments and activities, teaching materials and a link collection.
Nobel Prize Internet Archive is a fun site that contains extensive information about Nobel prizes and Nobel laureates.
Primer on Molecular Genetics (Department of Energy) provides a good introduction to the Human Genome Project, including mapping and sequencing genes, model organisms and database development.
ScienceDaily is a great resource for the latest science research news.
Biology Department Listings
Yahoo! College and University Departments
Petersons.com contains the information on programs listed in the Peterson's Guide.
Local Seminar Listings
Bay Area Molecular Biology Seminars
Biology Week (Boston area seminars)

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