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  Cool Bio Stuff
Cool Bio Stuff is a random collection of interesting stuff that I have found while surfing or that people have recommended to me. Some links are directly relevant to cell and molecular biology research. Others cover other interesting aspects of biology, such as evolution, paleontology, infectious diseases and botany.
   If you know of a biology site that you think is cool, please let me know!
BioMOO at the Weizmann Institute is a virtual meeting place for biologists. The browser/telnet interface is easy to use.
Biotech Chronicles (Access Excellence) describe the birth of biotech, profile research pioneers and include fun time lines from 6000BC to the present.
Blazing a Genetic Trail (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) is an online publication that describes the search for mutant genes that cause hereditary human diseases.
Bugs in the News! is a fun site with lots of microbiology and virology information.
Cells Alive! presents pictures of all different types of cells and some cool videos.
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has everything you wanted (or didn't want) to know about diseases, traveler's health and more!
Central Intelligence Agency Traveling to a conference and need some information about a particular country? Check out the World Factbook!
Cyberbotanica: Plants and Cancer Treatments describes botanical compounds used in cancer treatment/research and the plants that produce them.
ESP - Electronic Scholarly Publishing offers full-text access to papers and books from the early days of classical genetics, along with a fun timeline, Genetics in Context, which compares genetic discoveries with historical events.
Evolutionary and Geological Timelines - a quick look at evolutionary development.
GeneCards (Weizmann Istitute) is a database of over 6000 human genes describing gene function, gene products and relevant biomedical applications.
HotMolecBase (Weizmann Institute) is a growing database of information about biological molecules involved in particular diseases that may be promising targets for medical applications.
Karolinska Institute Library is an enormous index of biomedical resources featuring information on diseases, bioethics and the history of bioscience.
Nobel Prize Internet Archive is a fun site that highlights information about Nobel prizes and Nobel laureates.
OncoLink (University of Pennsylvania) is an excellent cancer information resource that features useful information for researchers, medical professionals and patients.
Outbreak is an online information service addressing emerging diseases, including in-depth information about specific diseases.
Paleontology Without Walls (UC Museum of Paleontology) has sections on phylogeny, geological time, and a great section on the history of evolutionary thought.
The Tree of Life contains information about the phylogenetic relationships and characteristics of organisms in a fun and easy-to-navigate format.

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