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  Online Resources for Parents about Disasters and Terrorism
Soon after the terrorist plane crashes in NY and Washington, DC, I went looking for information about how best to talk to my children about the events and the tragedy. My mother, an assistant superintendant in a NY school district affected by the disaster, and my sister, a licensed social worker in DC, also sent recommendations. If you have any online resources to add to this collection or any other web sites you found useful, please let me know.
American Red Cross
The site provides updated news, information for family members and a discussion board, along with information about blood drives, volunteering and donations.
American Red Cross Counseling Materials
(printable versions in English and Spanish)
Helping Young Children Cope With Trauma
Why Do I Feel Like This?
When Bad Things Happen
Guides For Families Affected By Transportation Disasters
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
The site provides disaster news, updated FEMA response and information
FEMA for Kids
This site has activities and general disaster information for kids and resources for parents.
Resources for Parents and Teachers
Bibliography: Books on Disasters For Children
Cornell University News
Dr. James Garbarino advises parents on the terrorist bombings
The Boston Globe
What Do We Tell Our Kids?
How to talk to your kids about Tuesday's terrorist attacks
The site also has information about easing children's fears broken down by age of child.
National Mental Health Association
Helping Children Handle Disaster-Related Anxiety
This site also has information on post-traumatic stress and tips for adults to handle anxiety.
Medscape Resource Center Disaster and Trauma
This section of Medscape contains links to information about coping with disaster, post-traumatic stress, mental health resources and news for medical professionals.
David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages
This extensive site provides links to research articles, disaster handouts, support services, publications and relevant web sites.
Helping Children Cope With a Disaster

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